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Our Vision

“We are a knowledge based network organization symbolizing the 21st century paradigm inthe healthcare industry.”

what HLMDI stands for

Happiness and maintenance of the relative state of well-being Learning translated into the most important measurable asset of development Management and Total Leadership for achieving synergy Development in an Optimized and Sustainable Manner Inspired and Inspiring attitude

About us

We believe in a responsive economy and healthcare system We live with the future, and enact the future   We believe in ourselves as the leaders of change We are a part of the global healthcare system and we stand for common values


Address: Health Leaders Association, Pécs, 7633, Építők str. 4/a. Mobil: (0036) 70 9462399

Our Mission

We see our role as leaders of socio-economic transition towards a knowledge based healthcareindustry, in line with WHO’s understanding, an industry which is “effective” in promoting therelative state of people’s socio-psychological, socio-economic and physical well-being.

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Partners and Extended Network



The Cleveland Hungarian Development Panel (http://www.clevelandhdp.org/)

University of Pécs : Anesthesiology , Intensive Care and Operational Medicine

Pécsi Tudományegyetem (http://www.pte.hu/english/)

The ENIEC Association (http://www.eniec.eu/)

ETHOSZ Egyesület

Professor Dr.Peter Nemeth and PEIK Zrt (http://www.peik.hu/ )

Human Exchange Alapitvány (http://humanexchange.hu/)

OHIO University - Simonyi Alapítvány (http://www.simonyifund.org/)

University of Pécs Medical School Department of Operational Medicine (http://aok.pte.hu/en/egyseg/index/1270)

Nobilité Kft.

Kelemed Kft. (http://plasztika.info.hu/)

Mansfield and Associates Kft.(http://mansfieldassoc.com/about-us/)

Simonyi Alumni

The Fonixmodell.com

Breakthrough Kft.

NEST (Németh és Timár Ügyvédi Iroda: http://nestlaw.com/)

Innovation Landscape Technologies (http://innovativelandscapetechnologies.com/)

Farmer Frog (http://farmerfrog.org/)

Danube University Krems (http://www.donau-uni.ac.at/en/studium/migrationsmanagement/index.php)

Alsomocsolád Community (http://alsomocsolad.hu/)

Hold My Hand Foundation (http://fogdakezemalapitvany.hu/)

Life Styles Association(http://www.eletmodpecs.hu/)


Written by Pálmai Dániel


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