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“We are a knowledge based network organization symbolizing the 21st century paradigm inthe healthcare industry.”

what HLMDI stands for

Happiness and maintenance of the relative state of well-being Learning translated into the most important measurable asset of development Management and Total Leadership for achieving synergy Development in an Optimized and Sustainable Manner Inspired and Inspiring attitude

About us

We believe in a responsive economy and healthcare system We live with the future, and enact the future   We believe in ourselves as the leaders of change We are a part of the global healthcare system and we stand for common values


Address: Health Leaders Association, Pécs, 7633, Építők str. 4/a. Mobil: (0036) 70 9462399

Our Mission

We see our role as leaders of socio-economic transition towards a knowledge based healthcareindustry, in line with WHO’s understanding, an industry which is “effective” in promoting therelative state of people’s socio-psychological, socio-economic and physical well-being.

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Friday, 03 December 2010 00:32

Professional Language and Cultural Coaching for Overseas Missions



HLMDI Professional Development Committee has created specialized capacity building services for members seeking assistance in the fields of language and cultural orientation overseas

The Integration College was designed in collaboration with Nobilite Co.Ltd to offer cross-generational, multi-ethnic and multi-professional learning and innovation space involving a wide spectrum of regional and international communities. The college facilitates Circular Migration of Brain through capacity building and empowerment processes.


Nobilte Intergration College in Collaboration with Breakthrough Co and HLMDI offer an expanded range of vocational and higher Education certificates with a focus on Integration and Circular Migration .

In 2016 Nobilite has been invited to design circular migration and integration packages that facilitate study and work in Hungary, study in the UK , study in the US, Canada and Australia

In Hungary the network is in close collaboration with the University of Pécs (UP) offering entry certificates, counselling and assistance for a wide range of semester/year-long, programs in Psychology, International Relations, Business Administration, Applied Management, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Computer Science, English and American Studies, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Art History, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramic Design, Graphic Design and Music.


For further information contact: Mrs. Gabriella Gombar (  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). Tel: 0036709462399

Note: Counselling is conducted in 5 languages. The language of instruction is English.

At the UP level : Credit transfer and dormitory placements in recently refurbished and fully equipped residence halls are extended

Written by Pálmai Dániel


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