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Our Vision

“We are a knowledge based network organization symbolizing the 21st century paradigm inthe healthcare industry.”

what HLMDI stands for

Happiness and maintenance of the relative state of well-being Learning translated into the most important measurable asset of development Management and Total Leadership for achieving synergy Development in an Optimized and Sustainable Manner Inspired and Inspiring attitude

About us

We believe in a responsive economy and healthcare system We live with the future, and enact the future   We believe in ourselves as the leaders of change We are a part of the global healthcare system and we stand for common values


Address: Health Leaders Association, Pécs, 7633, Építők str. 4/a. Mobil: (0036) 70 9462399

Our Mission

We see our role as leaders of socio-economic transition towards a knowledge based healthcareindustry, in line with WHO’s understanding, an industry which is “effective” in promoting therelative state of people’s socio-psychological, socio-economic and physical well-being.

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Article Title Author Hits
2018 Global Health & Innovation Conference Gabriella Gombar 1579
Nov 4 :Zsofia Pasztor-HLMDI member at TEDx Gabriella Gombar 1583
Szilárd István, a Migration Health program megalapítója Gabriella Gombar 1549
Magyarok Kenyere Ünnep Gabriella Gombar 1500
Európai Polgár Díj 2017 - díjátadó ünnepség szept 3., 17 óra Gabriella Gombar 1580
Jubileum 650 PTE Nap Gabriella Gombar 1120
Global Cleveland and Job Opportunities Gabriella Gombar 1174
Visszatekintés 2016 : A PTE Diaszpóra program promóciója Gabriella Gombar 1060
Less than 0.5 % of Adults Worldwide Actively Tend to Migrate Gabriella Gombar 1031
Self Efficacy: extended date Gabriella Gombar 1129
IOM-Reintegration and Effective Approaches Gabriella Gombar 893
Co-Learning for Enhanced Self-Efficacy syllabus July and August Gabriella Gombar 923
Seattle- Accelerating Social Transformation Event Gabriella Gombar 873
Migration Health Team and the Immigration Office Gabriella Gombar 1131
Videoconferencing and transnational integration Gabriella Gombar 793
Pillars of Integration College workshop on SDG 2030 Gombár Gabriella 973
June 20 Integration Graduates discussing Hungary's MIPEX Gabriella Gombar 752
EU díj: Dr.Jarjabka Ákos üzenete Szilárd István Professzornak Gabriella Gombar 1043
Integration College Pilot Prj at the Forefront Gabriella Gombár 1017
CRAIN's Cleveland Biz : Lay offs at Cleveland Clinic Gabriella Gombar 1680

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